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SW Garden Services Paving

There are various paving stones that can be used on a patio build, below is a list of stones we have readily attainable .

Click on any of the pictures to see how the stone looks when laid.

Indian Sand Stones

Indian sand stone natural paving is an excellent and value solution to making a great patio with a natural feel. Here are some of the verities we are able to supply.

Hover on the picture of interest to view the name and click on the picture to see how it looks as laid paving.

Decorative aggregates

Decorative can be used to fill in a rock style garden. It works well laid on top of a weed membrane for a long lasting lower maintenance garden.

Decorative aggregate works well to compliment paving stones.

Lime Stones

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Cleaning Paving stones

Most Paving stones can be subject to algae build up that comes with the rain. Some paving is a little more susceptible than others. There are a number of ways to combat algae on paving stones, pressure washing is one. If the algae is bad applying bleach to the effected area before cleaning is a good idea, this will loosen the algae so it is easier to clean off with the pressure washer. Once the algae has been cleaned off the stone, and the stone has dried, a patio sealant can be applied to prevent future algae build up. The sealant should be re applied annually as it will rub off with time.

Using acid to clean stones, sulphuric acid is the ingredient of most patio acid cleaners, if your stones have acquired tougher stains such as cement, sulphuric acid should be able to remove it. It is important to note however the acid can bite into and damage the softer stones such as York stone so a more diluted mixture should be an idea and washing the mixture off more swiftly might be an idea. The acid can dis colour lime stones also so care is needed is you are using sulphuric acid on lime stone.