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SW Garden Services Fencing

There is a variety of materials we are able to provide in order to build your fence.
Below is a list of the materials we are able to provide to build your fence.

Please call or email for more information regarding a quote or if you require more information regarding fencing materials.

Fence Panels

Here are some of the fence panels we are able to provide to build your fence. Hover over the selected image to see the name of the panel.

Feather Edging

Feather edging reveres to custom building a fence making the frames out of arris rails, fence posts and the feather edging slats.


It is possible to order a custom build gate to fit exact measurements/specifications. We can also supply a matching gate to the chosen fence panel.

Trellis and Lattice Panels

Trellis panels can add a great feature to the top of your fence and help trailing plants to grow along.

These trellis and lattice panels come with lengths of 1.829 meters, and heights of 0.305 meters, 0.61 meters, 0.915 meters, 1.22 meters, 1.524 meters, 1.829 meters.

Fence Posts and Gravel boards

It is possible to build the fence using 7.5 cm or 10 cm thick wooden posts or 10 cm thick concrete fence posts.

The gravel boards are either concrete or wooden and come as either 15.2cm or 30.5cm in height.


Often over a long period of time the bottom of a fence post rots, especially if the soil is clay like non well draining soil typical in London. As an effective quick fix a concrete spur can be used to prop the fence post back up with out having go to the trouble of replacing the whole fence post or fence.

In order to prevent this from happening in the first place it is a good idea to use pea shingle to allow the water to drain away from the bottom of the fence post.