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Garden Design South and West London

There is so much that can be achieved with out door spaces, below are just some of the ideas our team can design and build for you. even if you have no idea what you are looking to achieve from your out door space we will be able to help and find out exactly how to suit you with how you could accomplish the most out of your garden to be.

We are able to provide detailed drawings and plans, as well as detailed write up's of the building process, we provide photos of the plants so you will get a good idea of how you garden will be after the years roll by.

Roof gardens

If you live in an apartment with a roof space, or have a balcony we can help with the best choice of plants to suit your setting with regard to what kind of plant will grow best.

Out door Kitchens

If you are a food lover, you may appreciate being able to cook outside. Garden kitchens dont just have to be bbq areas, we can also design and build wood fired pizza ovens, stoves as well as various designs of bbq.

Out door units as well as food preparation surfaces all that can a join to raised herb garden spaces, can make for an excellent out door kitchen space.

Raised planter Herb Gardens

We are able to provide herb trays with up to 16 different herb plants per tray. If you dont have the space for a herb garden we are able to design and build hanging gardens that can hang outside of the kitchen window.


If you are someone who does not want to do much gardening and are looking for a low maintenance option. A rockery or rock garden can be an excellent way for an all year round beautiful garden that needs little to no attention.

There are thousands of plants to choose from, we should be able to find what style you will like best with regard to feel, period, area.