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SW Garden Services Decking

Decking can be a great option when wanting to cover up an uneven surface or make a usable raised platform. the build can be made form either a soft Pine wood option, a hard wood option, or a composite decking option.

If you would like a quote regarding a potential decking build we can bring samples of the various decking options we are able to provide please call or email for further info or to book an appointment.

Hard Wood Decking

Hard wood decking, a slightly longer lasting option to soft wood decking, it still lasts best with annual treatment such as coating with decking oil. Its look however is always an elegant warm dark woody colour.

Soft Wood Decking

Soft wood decking an easy to work with option, treatment such as annual oiling will help keep the decking free of algae as well as add life to the wood.

The decking can also be coloured or stained if the light pine wood colour is not desired. Widths of the decking come as 120mm and 150mm.

Composite Decking

Composite decking does not weather or deteriorate as its wood counterpart does, there are a number of shades to choose from listed are the shades we are able to supply. Hover over the shade of interest to see the colour name

Decking Stains

If you want to stain your soft wood decking there a number of colours to choose from. The stain will also provide a protective layer to the wood. Hover over the colour of interest to see the colour name

Decking Up Keep

It is important to keep hard wood and soft wood decking coated with oil. This should be applied about 3 - 4 times a year. It will prevent algae sticking to the wood as well as keeping the wood from drying out and becoming prone to rot. Aesthetically, it keeps the decking looking great too.

If Decking is not looked after, algae build up will make the wood slippery. Dirt and Algae can be cleaned off with a power washer. The when dry the decking oil can be applied.